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Monday, 11 November 2013

iphone holiday pics

more iphone pics from santorini

i have a really nice pair of sunglasses. i won't tell you how much they cost
but they weren't cheap.
did i take them on holiday with me ?
no, i forgot.

so i had to treat myself to these bad boys from the local supermarket.
i think they cost 6 euros.

i don't think they're real ray bans.

the view of the pool from my lunchtime chip eating session was pretty good
it could only have been improved if all those people would get out of my way.
oh and if the pool was a little warmer that would have been a nice touch.

oh, this was my lunch by the way.
standard procedure.

did i mention i wasn't alone on holiday ?
that's right.

the pool in the early evening
and the folded away parasols that i mentioned yesterday.

hmmm... i wasn't happy with those parasols everywhere.
another thing that kept spoiling my view was the cruise ship things
that were always skulking about.

they always poked off just after sunset
but next morning there would be another in their place.
oh well.

my kit for the day
hmmm... those purple plastic ray bans though.

breakfast for me
magic darts !

the days were spent just chilling.
reading, playing scrabble ( ok, cheating at scrabble )
 and photographing that bear.

for his facebook page.
grrr !

double grrr !

is there any chance ?

oh look what i spotted one day
matching his and hers adidas blades or whatever they're called.
as my friend alan batter said...
( no, i can't tell you what he said about them )

one last sunset
goodnight santorini

then in the morning first in line to check in at santorini airport
various whitfield camo baggage.

i was tempted to buy this t-shirt for a friend of mine who works for converse
but then again...

ok, back to proper photos tomorrow.

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