snapshots and observations

Monday, 30 September 2013

patrick earl-barnes

as i mentioned last week, i'm way behind with editing.
just today i finished editing a shoot i did in harlem 
with the artist patrick earl-barnes.

i'll show you a load of pics from the shoot later this week, 
but for the moment here's just one.
you art collectors out there should check out his website.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

standard procedure in w8

on a shoot in an italian restaurant in w8 a few days ago
i tested the set-up on one of the waiters

boom !

a little later a waitress came into play so...
all in all in was standard procedure in w8.

any questions ?

i thought not.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

some cocktails, a stand in artist and a tune tha knows.

you know i'm not a cocktail fan.
( beer or wine is my drink of choice )
but i do get to photograph a lot of them.

i was photographing a few in new york last sunday and funnily enough when i was looking through my old folders of work to show you photos to pad out my blog while i was away, i found some cocktail pics that i did in new york last year.
( that sentence was way too long wasn't it ? )

er, anyway...

i guess that's a lychee something or other

no idea. but i like the colours.

once again, i do like the orange-ness involved.
but i wouldn't drink it.

flowers always seem to end up in cocktails.
i saw some being applied the other day and they're edible aren't they ?

personally i'd rather have a beer and eat a packet of crisps
but i do appreciate cocktails can look nice.

moving on...
last friday i had a shoot with an artist in harlem.
while he was getting styled and going through hair and make-up
i chatted with a lad who was hanging around with his camera.
in fact i asked the lad to stand-in for the artist on a few of the shots i had lined up.
i gave him a few tips on photography and he gave me a few tips on where 
to get a decent coffee in manhattan.
( curt, thanks for your help )

and finally, a tune i've had in my head all week.
tha knows...

Friday, 27 September 2013

finalhome v flightclub

flightclub runs hot and cold in my experience.

sometimes they have the worst customer service ever,
at other times they are all polite and call you sir.

last time i was in nyc they were very shoddy so this time i took along my little friend.
needless to say, when they saw finalhome was with me they were on best behaviour.

more new york stories next week
( more than one pic at a time hopefully )

Thursday, 26 September 2013

stüssy nyc ( n7 v queens )

all smiles in stüssy new york city
full story to follow.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

all smiles in new york city

please excuse me if i don't blog very much.
i'm currently enjoying myself in new york city.
well... i say enjoying myself.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

turn back time

do you like time travel ?

i swear i like time travel almost as much as i like chips.
if i had a superpower i'd like to be able to time travel.

either that or to be able to play guitar.

today i'm flying back to n7 from new york.
i like that flights like that involve missing hours.

did you ever see that film 'sliding doors' ?
it was rubbish wasn't it ?

but still, it kind of had time travel in it and paltrow did a good english accent.

i'm rambling.

here's a photo of my friend dude attempting time travel by moving the date on his calendar.
it's a beautiful calendar by the way.

maybe you'd like to buy one for yourself or for a gift at christmas ?
they do a smaller desk calendar version too.

have a looky at the website:

and while you're at it...

oh dear...

Monday, 23 September 2013

oh baby, i'm dreaming of monday. oh baby when i see you again...

do you know that song 'monday' by the jam ?

i swear i probably sing it to myself every monday.

on a lighter note...
oh... is it just me or does finalhome look kind of snooty here ?

just me then.

Sunday, 22 September 2013


i had a shoot in a warehouse full of nice furniture the other week.

i was joined on the shoot by an unexpected guest
see him ?

oi oi !
you need the mission impossible music though, right ?

good jump son

i really thought he was after the nuts on the table
but i think he was more interested in my lighting set up for my calendar shoot.

leave it.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

self-portrait saturday

while i'm away from home
i thought i'd give a treat for my loved ones.
the greatest love of all.

photos of me looking miserable.

this was a nice boozer.
it's the place where they gave me the scotch egg i showed you how to light
the other day... remember ?

this was the last shoot i did with g-fog before she went back to uni.
no wonder i look miserable.
where am i going to find a replacement for g-fog ?

this was in southampton.
that's why i look miserable.

yikes !
ten days later and i am wearing exactly the same clothes.
what are the chances ?
and yes, i have washed them and have showered a few times in between shoots.

that's all folks

Friday, 20 September 2013

iphone friday

even shoddier blogging than usual for the next few days.
i'm off to new york this morning so i am hastily cobbling together some
nonsense now while i should be packing ( thursday night )

anyway, a few iphone gems.

an early start the other week. 5.09am in my jam jar.
then again, i've got a cab booked for 5am today too.

early starts in n7.

any port in a storm, right ?
as paul weller once said
"i found myself in a strange town"
but unlike weller i nipped into costa for a flat white.

er... for some reason i phottographed my new tothpaste with my iphone.
nice packaging though.


i love chips.

eat more chips don't let salad win !

another early start ( but not 5am-ish )
this was some of the kit i took to a shoot in southampton last week.
something for everybody.

ok, that's your lot for today.

don't forget to email or text me photos of your food made into faces.
prizes will be given.

Thursday, 19 September 2013


another quick post today.
i'm rushing around all over the place getting a haircut,
going to meetings and packing for new york.

so to keep you amused ( or not ) today, here's another example of
my fine movie making skills ( or not )

iphone friday tomorrow.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

i love chips

i went to a wedding the other week.

in the big tent thing where they had the reception there was a blackboard
where you were supposed to use the chalk provided to write a message of love.

i thought it only right to leave my message on the board.

what ?

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

a rushed post for tuesday

work is piling up on top of me at the moment and i'm struggling to
do a decent blog post today.

so, i'll just bung on a few random photos and maybe say a few words.

ok, here goes...

some new jeans i bought the other week.
they are a collaboration between margaret howell and edwin.
they are a grey selvage denim ( or is it selvedge denim ? )

obviously i'm swimming in a 32 inch waist but i have a good belt.

oh and there they are look...
jeans by margaret howell / edwin.
converse jack purcell's ( boro editions )
bape t-shirt and marc jacobs polo.

by the way, is it just me or is that electricity socket a little too close to the sink ?

this was called a berry mess.
it tasted of star anise.
it was magic darts.

i breakfasted with my friend t21 and his boys at the bull and last
a couple of weeks ago.
afterwards we posed up for an official portrait.
it was a full house for nike.

my flat white at vagabond n7 on saturday morning.

mrs w on lastolite duties in the new forest a couple of weekends ago.

which reminds me... i really should crack on with editing the wedding photos.

until tomorrow then.

Monday, 16 September 2013

saturday morning t-shirt business in n7

i'm going to have to talk to you about my n7 t-shirts soon.
to see if any of you people with good taste want to buy one.

but firstly i need to take some photos of them and do a blog post, don't i ?

 those in the know though, have nipped in early. buying an n7
t-shirt before i have even advertised them here.

one such bloke met me on saturday morning to collect one in person
and of course to pose up with me for an official photograph to 
commemorate the occasion.
as you can see, it was a happy meeting.

standard procedure in n7.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

mr breakfast and the new converse

well i thought it made a change from calling it iphone sunday.

here's the breakfast i was served up at my hotel in the new forest
last sunday.

oh hello mr breakfast !
how are you today ?

oh come on... making a mr breakfast is a great thing to do.
how about if i offered a prize for the best mr breakfast photo
any of you emailed in to me ?
would you like it then ?

well game on then.
do it.

the drive home from the new forest is one of my least favourite drives.
well, just the approach to london bit from say twickenham.

anyway, after the long drive my spirits were lifted when i arrived back
at whitfield towers to find a shoebox size parcel waiting for me.

an inside the box inside the parcel...
converse jack purcell boro editions.

wow !

Saturday, 14 September 2013

iphone saturday

last saturday.

in the morning, heading off for the wedding
it's all there really. something for everybody.

checking my tie in the mirror at the venue.

checking out my wedding shoes
and also checking out mrs w.
top shorts, shoes, coat and bag, all from the same shop...
marc jacobs.

on the drive back to the hotel for lunch
standard procedure in the new forest... horses everywhere
acting as if they own the place.

and in no hurry to get out of the way
grrr !

anyway, my mood improved at the hotel when i made an n7 from my chips
and then my mood darkened again when i observed a nanny shaking her head
at me for playing with my food.
i explained all about the mr. breakfast situation, and that i'm an artist...
but her head shaking continued.

the wedding reception was skill.
guess what they had to eat ?
that's right.
they had a chip van in the field next to the reception tent.
magic darts !

and this is where i settled to eat my chips, fish and mushy peas.
to drink some beer and to laugh at one of the funniest 'best person' speeches
i've heard in a long, long time.
pity about the capital 'm' though.
that annoyed the hell out of me all night !

what ?

Friday, 13 September 2013

iphone friday and joking bad

i took quite a few iphone photos last weekend so i'm going to drag it out.
today i'll show you photos from this day last week, tomorrow will be last
saturday's iphone pics.

a lot of trainer pics i'm afraid, but it was a busy trainer week.
these bad boys arrived from the usa.
these are another pair which need a post of their own, with proper photos to show you 
the fantastic details on them.
my only beef with these and with a lot of nike shoes is the white laces.

so... time to break open my lace vault.
i was thinking about some volt laces to match the lining
or perhaps an icy blue lace to match the outsole.

but in the end i opted for a beige set to match the exposed leather
after the laser cutting on the tip and the foxing.
thanks to cliff in washington for these usa only releases.

i also had to adjust my august i.d. editions
my other beef with nike is that sometimes they put really cheap tongue tabs on their af-1's
i especially don't like them when they are hiding a nice bit of tongue.
so i removed the tongue tabs from these

and here they are all ready to go
i should have taken them to the new forest with me...
but i didn't

i was heading to the new forest last friday for a wedding on saturday
time to debut some new socks
did i mention sock club ?

finalhome was ready for the new forest too.
waiting politely, wearing his backpack and holding onto his ipad mini.

i narrowed my wedding tie selection down to two.
you can't go wrong with bapehead camo

you also can't go wrong with a sneaky stop off at the monocle cafe
before hitting the m3
bircher muesli like a boss

and of course the obligatory sneakersncoffee shot
ha ha ! i was so sure i was going to spill coffee onto my new af-1's here.

but as you can see, i made it to the new forest with coffee-less af-1's
these had just arrived a couple of days earlier.
tokyo edition af-1's from the 25th anniversary pack.
naturally enough i dropped some different laces onto them.
these not only matched the colourway but were a bit special
( you'll see in a little while )

oh for denim aficionados these were my new edwin x margaret howell
grey selvage things.

ok, here's a shot of the same combo in my hotel room
without flash

and one with flash
3m laces !
how do you like me now ?

and one last photo from last friday.
for a meal with credit and mrs credit i changed into some marc jacobs trousers
and the lovikka x sneakersnstuff knitted chucks.

then it was off downstairs to the restaurant to moan about the lack of chips on the menu
and to explain how angela hartnett could make her gran's lemon tart a little better.

more iphone nonsense tomorrow, but if you're a fan of breaking bad then you
might be interested in this little clip from jimmy fallon.

i guess it helps if you know jimmy fallon and his situation too.

anyway, have a butchers.