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Monday, 2 September 2013

non-iphone monday

back to proper pics now.

i showed you a photo of me and this person last week didn't i ?
this is a different frame to the one i showed last week but it's pretty similar.
to be honest i didn't show this one last week because i look a bit too smiley.

here's another frame
where i get the feeling one of us was letting the side down.

and another
as you can see, i cracked up at the aged shopkeeper making rabbit ears behind me.
that gag never fails to raise a smile...

what ?

moving on...
i went out to er... i've forgotten where it was now...
some place out east anyway where there were lots of sheep.

sheep grazing and what-not in the most amazing surroundings.
that's right.

it was a day out at henry moore's house and studio.
it's a blinding place in a quaint little village.
i reckon it may have been in essex but i may be wrong.

just google henry moore's house
( i'm too busy / lazy to do it for you )

so busy that i'm wrapping it up for today.
more proper photos tomorrow

trainers, sheep, sausages... that kind of thing.

oh, here you are...

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