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Sunday, 15 September 2013

mr breakfast and the new converse

well i thought it made a change from calling it iphone sunday.

here's the breakfast i was served up at my hotel in the new forest
last sunday.

oh hello mr breakfast !
how are you today ?

oh come on... making a mr breakfast is a great thing to do.
how about if i offered a prize for the best mr breakfast photo
any of you emailed in to me ?
would you like it then ?

well game on then.
do it.

the drive home from the new forest is one of my least favourite drives.
well, just the approach to london bit from say twickenham.

anyway, after the long drive my spirits were lifted when i arrived back
at whitfield towers to find a shoebox size parcel waiting for me.

an inside the box inside the parcel...
converse jack purcell boro editions.

wow !

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