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Friday, 13 September 2013

iphone friday and joking bad

i took quite a few iphone photos last weekend so i'm going to drag it out.
today i'll show you photos from this day last week, tomorrow will be last
saturday's iphone pics.

a lot of trainer pics i'm afraid, but it was a busy trainer week.
these bad boys arrived from the usa.
these are another pair which need a post of their own, with proper photos to show you 
the fantastic details on them.
my only beef with these and with a lot of nike shoes is the white laces.

so... time to break open my lace vault.
i was thinking about some volt laces to match the lining
or perhaps an icy blue lace to match the outsole.

but in the end i opted for a beige set to match the exposed leather
after the laser cutting on the tip and the foxing.
thanks to cliff in washington for these usa only releases.

i also had to adjust my august i.d. editions
my other beef with nike is that sometimes they put really cheap tongue tabs on their af-1's
i especially don't like them when they are hiding a nice bit of tongue.
so i removed the tongue tabs from these

and here they are all ready to go
i should have taken them to the new forest with me...
but i didn't

i was heading to the new forest last friday for a wedding on saturday
time to debut some new socks
did i mention sock club ?

finalhome was ready for the new forest too.
waiting politely, wearing his backpack and holding onto his ipad mini.

i narrowed my wedding tie selection down to two.
you can't go wrong with bapehead camo

you also can't go wrong with a sneaky stop off at the monocle cafe
before hitting the m3
bircher muesli like a boss

and of course the obligatory sneakersncoffee shot
ha ha ! i was so sure i was going to spill coffee onto my new af-1's here.

but as you can see, i made it to the new forest with coffee-less af-1's
these had just arrived a couple of days earlier.
tokyo edition af-1's from the 25th anniversary pack.
naturally enough i dropped some different laces onto them.
these not only matched the colourway but were a bit special
( you'll see in a little while )

oh for denim aficionados these were my new edwin x margaret howell
grey selvage things.

ok, here's a shot of the same combo in my hotel room
without flash

and one with flash
3m laces !
how do you like me now ?

and one last photo from last friday.
for a meal with credit and mrs credit i changed into some marc jacobs trousers
and the lovikka x sneakersnstuff knitted chucks.

then it was off downstairs to the restaurant to moan about the lack of chips on the menu
and to explain how angela hartnett could make her gran's lemon tart a little better.

more iphone nonsense tomorrow, but if you're a fan of breaking bad then you
might be interested in this little clip from jimmy fallon.

i guess it helps if you know jimmy fallon and his situation too.

anyway, have a butchers.

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