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Monday, 9 September 2013

i don't like mondays

to be honest i don't mind mondays but i was just thinking of that old boomtown rats song.

what have i got for you today ?

how about these bad boys ?
i know... i've showed them to you before, but a friend of mine designed
them and wow ! isn't that like a dream job ?
designing trainers.

sausages on a bed of spicy potatoes.
my only regret with this meal is that i didn't use the 5 sausages to 
make either an undefeated logo
or else to make n7 out of them.
grrr !

i didn't mind this one, but he had a friend nearby who kept sneezing
( have you ever seen sheep sneezing ? it's quite funny )
and after a while the sneezy one started getting on my nerves.

it had no consideration for my nerves.

i liked this sculpture
it made me think it would be good to shoot a family portrait like this...
you know, from behind.

standard procedure at the british museum
i photograph this piece every time i visit.
and say the same old gag.

krink air force ones from the 1 world series.
still one of my favourite pairs.

and a new pair that i know looks wrong, but i do like.
they're basically 70's style chucks with fantastic details...
and zips.

oh yes !
that's lunch sorted then.

oh look who's back
finalhome like a boss.

more nonsense tomorrow.

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