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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

a rushed post for tuesday

work is piling up on top of me at the moment and i'm struggling to
do a decent blog post today.

so, i'll just bung on a few random photos and maybe say a few words.

ok, here goes...

some new jeans i bought the other week.
they are a collaboration between margaret howell and edwin.
they are a grey selvage denim ( or is it selvedge denim ? )

obviously i'm swimming in a 32 inch waist but i have a good belt.

oh and there they are look...
jeans by margaret howell / edwin.
converse jack purcell's ( boro editions )
bape t-shirt and marc jacobs polo.

by the way, is it just me or is that electricity socket a little too close to the sink ?

this was called a berry mess.
it tasted of star anise.
it was magic darts.

i breakfasted with my friend t21 and his boys at the bull and last
a couple of weeks ago.
afterwards we posed up for an official portrait.
it was a full house for nike.

my flat white at vagabond n7 on saturday morning.

mrs w on lastolite duties in the new forest a couple of weekends ago.

which reminds me... i really should crack on with editing the wedding photos.

until tomorrow then.

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