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Friday, 6 September 2013

iphone friday

is it really iphone friday again so soon ?

ok, let's crack on and show you some nonsense i've shot with my iphone during the past 7 days.

a t-shirt i'm quite jealous of... bape x comme des garçons play.
would i wear it ?
no, but i would keep it in a bag with the other bape tees i haven't worn yet.

a grave i passed by on the way to the bull and last.

in the bull and last.
strangely enough this balloon made me think of my friend h.l.
or uncle manley as he's known.
sadly he wasn't there, it was some little kiddie stealing his trademark move.

genius barbers somewhere between the bull and last and whitfield towers.
do i get my hair cut there ?
no... i go to george's on the essex road.

talking of genius.
a chef i photographed last week had some incredible ideas.
the two orange red and white things are tomato marshmallows
( marshmallows made from tomato juice )
and the stuff in the middle is tomato sorbet.

did i eat it ?
no, i don't like tomatoes.

he also made this.
a deconstructed crunchie bar.
did i eat it ?
let me explain... i'm not a big fan of chocolate. i don't really like choc ices
or sorbet. and i'm not really a crunchie man.

did i eat it ?
yes i ate all of it and didn't want to give the plate back.

my latest nike i.d's

camo and orange. what's not to like ?

woah... not bad !

do you like coffee shops that are in a something-else shop ?
for instance there's the coffee place in present ( men's clothes shop ) in shoreditch.
yesterday i went to a coffee shop in a florists in hoxton.
and this is in a sewing shop in islington.
i go to this place every time i get my hair cut.

as you can see, i'm always happy after getting a haircut and having
my platinum highlights put in.

what ?

as chance would have it, i had a shoot in a lingerie shop maybe 200 yards
from the sewing shop / coffee shop
( which in turn is 200 yards from my barbers )

the old lady who owns the shop had brought her daughter along for the day
so i let the child take a couple of photos.

i think 13 is a good number to leave it on for today.
so that means tomorrow is my old standby... iphone saturday.
by the way... have you heard of sock club ?

you will... you will.

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