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Friday, 20 September 2013

iphone friday

even shoddier blogging than usual for the next few days.
i'm off to new york this morning so i am hastily cobbling together some
nonsense now while i should be packing ( thursday night )

anyway, a few iphone gems.

an early start the other week. 5.09am in my jam jar.
then again, i've got a cab booked for 5am today too.

early starts in n7.

any port in a storm, right ?
as paul weller once said
"i found myself in a strange town"
but unlike weller i nipped into costa for a flat white.

er... for some reason i phottographed my new tothpaste with my iphone.
nice packaging though.


i love chips.

eat more chips don't let salad win !

another early start ( but not 5am-ish )
this was some of the kit i took to a shoot in southampton last week.
something for everybody.

ok, that's your lot for today.

don't forget to email or text me photos of your food made into faces.
prizes will be given.

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