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Thursday, 12 September 2013

scotch egg / photography tip

a few weeks ago i had an interiors shoot at this place
it's near downton abbey

it was the day i debuted these bad boys
clot x undefeated chucks
one of only 5 pairs in the country i believe

it was also the day i started shooting for sneakersncoffee
as robocat used to say to me... that coffee is dark... like your soul.

oh, after my shoot the chef made me a scotch egg
nice photo ?
don't you think it could do with a bit of fill-in ?

like this
yes... that's better, right ?
a little bit of detail in the shadows.

and this is how i did it
camera in one hand, 
knife in the other hand, reflecting the sunlight onto the shadowy part 
of the egg and plate.

try it yourself some time. i reckon it's a nice little tip.

another tip i have is if you are ever serving a scotch egg to a miserable northerner...
... don't bother with the salad.

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