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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

turn back time

do you like time travel ?

i swear i like time travel almost as much as i like chips.
if i had a superpower i'd like to be able to time travel.

either that or to be able to play guitar.

today i'm flying back to n7 from new york.
i like that flights like that involve missing hours.

did you ever see that film 'sliding doors' ?
it was rubbish wasn't it ?

but still, it kind of had time travel in it and paltrow did a good english accent.

i'm rambling.

here's a photo of my friend dude attempting time travel by moving the date on his calendar.
it's a beautiful calendar by the way.

maybe you'd like to buy one for yourself or for a gift at christmas ?
they do a smaller desk calendar version too.

have a looky at the website:

and while you're at it...

oh dear...

1 comment:

  1. not really time travel but i once left all my clocks on summer time until december. a bit awkward trying to arrange anything but it did wonders for my seasonal depression...