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Saturday, 28 September 2013

some cocktails, a stand in artist and a tune tha knows.

you know i'm not a cocktail fan.
( beer or wine is my drink of choice )
but i do get to photograph a lot of them.

i was photographing a few in new york last sunday and funnily enough when i was looking through my old folders of work to show you photos to pad out my blog while i was away, i found some cocktail pics that i did in new york last year.
( that sentence was way too long wasn't it ? )

er, anyway...

i guess that's a lychee something or other

no idea. but i like the colours.

once again, i do like the orange-ness involved.
but i wouldn't drink it.

flowers always seem to end up in cocktails.
i saw some being applied the other day and they're edible aren't they ?

personally i'd rather have a beer and eat a packet of crisps
but i do appreciate cocktails can look nice.

moving on...
last friday i had a shoot with an artist in harlem.
while he was getting styled and going through hair and make-up
i chatted with a lad who was hanging around with his camera.
in fact i asked the lad to stand-in for the artist on a few of the shots i had lined up.
i gave him a few tips on photography and he gave me a few tips on where 
to get a decent coffee in manhattan.
( curt, thanks for your help )

and finally, a tune i've had in my head all week.
tha knows...

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