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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

new york phone pics

yikes !

i'm late blogging today.
i went to brighton this morning for a shoot and just got back ( 6pm )

so let's give you a taster of what's to come over the next week or so.

a load of phone pics from my recent trip to new york.

i think this is the queensboro bridge.
but i could be mistaken.
anyway it was taken from my cab as it speeded it's way from jfk to manhattan.

it brought me into town around 59th street which is what made me think of that
old simon and garfunkel song.

i liked the bridge. it had style.
i also liked being able to see those tall buildings through it.
so tall they looked like they were scraping the sky.

the cab passed by a big billboard.
do you like 'new girl' ?
i'm the only person in my family who does.
i even have the theme tune on my itunes library...

what ?

this was when i was checking into my room.
i always photograph my room number because i'm pretty certain to forget it

my friend m1 recommended an iphone app to me the other week.
it's called photosynth.
it let's you take a 360degree view of things.
it looks great when viewed on your phone but you can only save the images 
elsewhere as flat pics like this.
still... i kind of like the effect.
this was the interior of room 1074.

well what did you expect ?

more new york phone pics tomorrow... and the next day... and the next...

etc, etc.

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