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Thursday, 24 October 2013

some iphone pics

more iphone pics.

sneakersncoffee at vagabond n7 a few weeks ago

some graphic novels in a shop window in soho.
i think my intention was to photoshop my friend benito's face
onto one of the characters... which i may well do at a later stage.

some trainers i bought a couple of weeks ago.
atmos air max 90's
only available in one shop in the world in japan.

when i arrived back from new york a few weeks ago, this was waiting for me.
mrs w had bought me a present.
quite possibly gift of the year.

for me this is every bit as fantastic a spectacle as the changing of the guard
at buckingham palace.
the midnight re-stocking of greggs.
pure magic.

iphone friday tomorrow then.

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