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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

a few odd pics

a few loose pics from my blog folder.

setting up for a portrait of the artist patrick earl in the heath gallery, harlem.
i decided to do a shot with myself standing in for where i would later ask patrick to stand.

during the 12 second timer, a bloke who'd just delivered something to the gallery walked by
so i asked him to jump in frame.
little did i suspect that he'd put his arm around me and kick one leg back.

ever the pro, i just stared at the camera.

noting photographers footwear at the heath gallery.
i was wearing nike by the way.

two characters taking photos at a wedding in the new forest.
what the what ?!

another shot i did while waiting for patrick earl to get ready.

representing n7 at the hudson hotel nyc.

i still have some t-shirts available by the way.
drop me an email if you would like to buy one.

hmmm... maybe i'm back in n7 now and can blog properly tomorrow ?

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