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Sunday, 13 October 2013

iphone sunday

leave it.

iphone sunday it is.

ok... my trip to new york.
let's begin with a lonely place.
heathrow airport, terminal 5.
the british airways club lounge or whatever it's called.
a massive lounge full of bacon sandwiches, free beer and not many people.
it was about 6am by the way.

of course finalhome was there with me.
he shunned a can of london pride at such an early hour and instead
helped himself to a coffee.

i was thinking about buying a rimowa case for carry-on a few weeks ago
but after having a close look i decided to stick with muji.
it's an n7 collab with muji as you can see and i was also representing london
with my lunar forces.

until the fragment design lunars dropped a couple of weeks ago, 
these were my favourite release of 2013.
i'm still baffled as to why nike think tartan represents london but i do
like that they have london's co-ordinates on the insole.

approaching jfk

i won't lie.
by this stage i was really hoping to spot a bit of a runway.

tomorrow, the iphone pics from when i landed and what not.

sorry for dragging this out but i really should pack !

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