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Saturday, 19 October 2013

iphone saturday in new york

i think the iphone friday pics yesterday were all taken on a new york friday.

so today i'll just show you my iphone pics from my new york saturday.

breakfast at the flame diner.
corned beef hash, two poached eggs and potatoes.
i won't lie, it wasn't all that.

a quick game of pool at 7am while there was nobody around. perfect.

the pool table is in the library bar at the hudson hotel.
here's one of those photosynth iphone pics .

in a shock move i asked a stranger to take a photo of me in the lift.
as you can see, i was representing n7.

these fine t-shirts are available on sale right now for just £20 including postage.
they come packaged with a selection of n7 stickers, postcards and what not.
there are only 40 of these beauties made so it's quite a limited edition.
100% brushed cotton, finest quality tees, each one numbered out of 40.

get 'em while they're hot.

japanese tourist waiting for the 'e' train.

hipsters / coffee enthusiasts after queuing up for 20 minutes to get a coffee.
was it worth it ?
heck yes.

trying on af-1's at flight club.
the orange / brown / green af-1 was a beauty but i didn't pull the trigger.

entering flight club for the first time is a bit of a jaw-dropping experience.
it makes for great people-watching as you see kids seeing for the first time
the most incredible range of rare sneakers they've seen in their lives.

or is the lad on the right just photographing me ?

after flight club i embarked on a pulled pork wrap.
did i use industrial language when i spilled some of it onto
my n7 t-shirt ?


the smell of pulled pork combined with the sound of industrial language
woke finalhome up from his powernap and he did a little bit of people
watching from the comfort of a flight club tote.

did i mention i'm selling limited edition n7 t-shirts ?
trust me on this one. drop me an email or leave a comment for details.

it's all about n7.

n7 everywhere

finalhome getting some kip on the subway back to columbus circle.
as you can see i was not only representing n7
 i was representing london too.

around the corner from my hotel sir norman foster was representing too.
salute !

did i buy any stüssy socks on this saturday in new york ?


did i later celebrate my successful sock purchases by heading out for a couple of
 japanese beers and spilling food down my top via my legendary chopstick skills ?

yes sir i did.

maybe iphone sunday tomorrow then ?

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