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Saturday, 26 October 2013

more iphone nonsense

lets fast forward a little to monday in new york.

i had a cocktail shoot
this is an ice cube ball. 
but i guess it's not a cube is it ?
an ice ball i suppose.

as you know, i don't drink cocktails
finalhome seemed to be interested though

a little while after the shoot i treated myself to a spot of lunch
chilli con carne on rice with cheese.

how do you feel about dollars ?
it kind of annoys me that they're all the same size

after my fine bowl of chilli and getting annoyed about dollars,
i headed down to soho to see some friends at stüssy
i'm the one on the right.

after teaching the new york stüssy crew a thing or two about posing i went 
out onto the streets of soho and noticed a strange phenomenon.

one that i'll tell you about tomorrow.

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