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Friday, 4 October 2013

the island

last friday i had a shoot on the island.

oh whatever...
you know how this is going to end don't you ?

first of all i got my friend h and her husband ben to pose up
see that gap on the left ?

how do you like me now ?
but noooo !
ben got distracted.

take two.
but noooo !
ben's mum sneaked into frame on the far right.
although i knew it would be easy to re-touch the aged relative out of the shot,
my ocd kind of insisted we take one more frame.

take three.
see, that's outstanding.
ben has adopted an arms folded approach to the whole thing
and h has got the hang of the n7 misery that was engulfing the island.
absolutely perfect !

the above pic could hardly be bettered...

or could it ?

let's do one more shot and try to make it even better...

take four.
game over .
that's the end of self-timed portraits right there.

thanks to all on the island.
it treated me well.

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