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Saturday, 12 October 2013

iphone saturday

another iphone day. deal with it.

i'm writing this 7 days previously while i really should be packing for a holiday that
i'm almost home from now.

( time travel ? )

at some point i'm going to have to talk to you about sock club.

but not yet.

some new af-1's were hand delivered to whitfield towers a few weeks ago

best release of 2013 so far ?
i'd say so.
fragment design lunar forces.
genius !
and yes... a full post will happen soon.

this was at ground control and the details are:
flat white v converse jack purcell boros

mrs credit sent this pic to me.
a face she made with a pub meal.
great effort though i really cannot endorse salad in any way.

do you know i'm selling limited edition n7 t-shirts ?
i only made 40 and i've sold maybe half of them already.
most people send me a photo of them when they receive the package from n7.
this is my favourite photo thus far.

finalhome grabbing an early morning double espresso a couple of weeks back.

i always go to this place after i get my haircut.
standard procedure in n1

preparing some n7 t-shirts to take to new york a couple of weeks ago.

realising that taking so many n7 t-shirts to new york with me
would not leave a lot of room for my own clothes.


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