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Monday, 21 October 2013

more new york iphone pics

breakfast on sunday morning
i know it's a rubbish photo but i wanted to show you my sunday breakfast.
it's the same as the previous day but in a different diner.
corned beef hash, poached eggs and potatoes.
what's with the orange by the way ?

my hotel
the hudson

it's a pretty good hotel in my opinion
although people always seem to moan about the staff for some reason.
i stand by it anyway. i like it a lot.
it looks good and it's in a great area.
a bit like whitfield towers... *cough

it has great lift interiors at least
what ?

i won't lie, i have loads of other new york iphone pics but i'm having a nightmare
today so i'm going to pack this in for today and post them tomorrow.

until then...

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