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Sunday, 15 June 2014

father's day and three lions

i won't talk about my dad here this father's day.

if you want to read about my dad today please visit instagram 
and look for @markwhitfieldphotography

today i'll mention me as a dad.

look what my little girl made for me
a card with an illustration of her giving me a pair of socks for father's day

she didn't actually buy me socks.
she bought me something even nicer.
welshcakes !

she also brought over an illustration she did of the three lions
that appear on an england football shirt.
the plan being to make t-shirts using her illustration.
sort of unofficial n7 footy shirts for the world cup.

here's what it looked like when we finished it and knocked it into colour.
so... who's interested in one ?

hopefully i'll order them up tomorrow and they'll be with me by friday.

hopefully england will still be in the world cup by then.

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