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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

three lions on a shirt

la niña made herself a t-shirt for the world cup.
here's the crest she did.
i guess she used a biro and did a little red stitching.

i was very impressed and came up with the idea to get some t-shirts made using her design
and maybe sell them to raise money for charity.

so i asked her to do a drawing of the three lions

then i knocked it into photoshop and did some red 'stitching'
not bad

but then i looked at the proper england badge
and decided to do a little colour change

and the end result was this
pretty sweet right ?

so, as we speak
( or as i write this and you read it ) 
the tees are being printed and hopefully will be with me before england are knocked out
of the world cup.


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