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Thursday, 15 May 2014

diy thursday

my new telly.

it needed to be hung on the wall.

i declined samsung's kind offer of buying a new hanging bracket for £150
and instead got my tools out to make the new telly fit on the old bracket.

what could possibly go wrong ?
i laid the thing on it's front and took the base of it.

naturally enough, the screws from the old bracket were not long enough to screw into the new wobbly.
they were also not the right thread. the new telly needed screws with a wider thread.

but the new screws were too wide to fit through the holes in the old hanging bracket.

£3.50 later i had a new drill bit in my hands

i drilled four holes through the bracket which meant the new acres could fit through it and into the telly.

but they were too long which meant the bracket was all loose and for want of a better word,
so i whacked a couple of washers on each screw.

up it goes... onto the wall.

out with the old spirit level ( orange of course ) to check it's on straight

and the job is a good 'un.

ok, now to box in the cables.

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