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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

breakfast and how to love

i've been editing a breakfast shoot today.

i'll publish a few pics here then leave you with a video
( my new tactic for padding out my blog this week )

does this count as breakfast ?
it's far from ideal i'll grant you, but for the odd time when you don't fancy a full english...
well, i think it's a decent option. maybe whack it into a bowl of yoghurt and
slap some granola and honey on top.

maybe this is a bit snacky rather than a breakfast dish ?
no, i just checked the rulebook and it's on the breakfast menu.
spicy beans on toast with a fried egg and cheese.
magic darts !


if you know me at all you will know that i have really great taste in music.

( what ? are you crazy ? - ed )

ok, ok... my musical taste is a little shall we say... eclectic ?

to give you a flavour of what i'm talking about, i'll try to post a video here 
every day this week of something i have on my playlist.

for today here's a cover of my favourite lil wayne tune "how to love"

i have no idea who megan nicole is and this is the first time i've seen her video.
so maybe it's better just to listen to the tune ?

actually, maybe it's better to listen to the lil wayne original first ?

anyway here it is.

what ?

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