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Sunday, 18 May 2014

a few random iphone pics while i'm rushing.

because orange is my favourite colour.

cadno is welsh for fox.

the mean streets of n7.

some stuff i threw together for #camotuesday on instagram

a t-shirt mock-up.
i didn't go with this one.

but i did pull the trigger on this one.

some sneakers a very kind gentleman in the usa sent to me this week.
only 120 pairs made.
the upper is constructed from aran wool. to resemble the irish aran 
sweaters. emerald green and orange laces / trim to complete the look.
these were a st. patrick's day release only available at concepts in boston, usa.

a dog i met on friday.
his name is mr. bojangles.

the owner of mr bojangles printed these t-shirts for me.
white with orange n7 logo is the way to go this summer... right ?

a light snack i had on friday night.

what ?

some socks mrs w received through the post on saturday.

my attempt at pinrolling yesterday
camo and orange though.

modelling my new tee.

until tomorrow then.

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