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Monday, 5 May 2014

my bank holiday weekend ( iphone pics )

friday evening.
at the bus stop heading out to meet some in-laws for a meal.

i'm the one wearing black converse.

having a beer with st. paul's cathedral in the background.

camden gentleman's wit. what a beer. you should try it.

don't ask.

but if you must ask... it was a conversation about vikings.
a conversation i kept out of.

on saturday
i met up for a few beers with my old mate uncle manly.

he took his eye off the ball during our photo-shoot.
it was a schoolboy error.

what about this fool ?
manbag, khaki shorts, loafers with no socks.
a catalogue of crimes.

this wasn't the end of my saturday night... honestly.

i decided my evisu jeans have had enough.
i can't remember how old they are, but they are old.
and they're falling apart now.
grrr !

sunday breakfast.
raspberries, blueberries, apple, yoghurt, honey.
game on.

sunday afternoon. looking for a new wobbly inselfridges.
is it true that samsung are the best then ?
any ideas ?

sunday early evening at the bull and last.
a glass of picpoul and a scotch egg.

instagram eh ?

we decided to stay for the evening at the bull and last.
it was pub quiz night after all.
fish is good for the brain and all that so i had fish and chips.

it did the trick as team whitfield came second in the quiz.
the team that won had six players. so did all of the top ten teams.
the rest all had four players.
we were just the two of us... and we came second.

if only i'd had a bigger fish ?

bank holiday monday
i went to kenwood house and had a 99

it made me very happy.
i've got 99 problems but a flake aint one.

in kenwood house i saw that bloke from top gear
( not the racist and not the annoying little one )
 trying to pick up style tips.

afterwards, in the evening i called in at a battle i like called
no disrespect to the bull and last. we were just off piste.

i had a pint of winona ryder and...

that's right !
fish and chips.

no pub quiz at st john though, which was a shame as i was feeling
right brainy.

what ?

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