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Sunday, 25 May 2014

the artist

i went to the degree show of a certain artist on thursday.
at central st. martin's.

an artist that some of you may well remember from her
appearances on my blog a couple of years ago.

this was her show.

it was titled "you'll get it eventually" and the central piece was a neon 
sign spelling out those words.
i showed it yesterday and you can see it in some of these iphone pics,
it's just that it bleaches out.

here are some shots of her paintings,
i won't try to explain about them.

the reason i won't explain about her paintings is that she doesn't want them
to be explained.
it was her idea that if you look at them

it certainly seemed like a popular show
grayson perry turned up and took an interest.
he loved the neon sign.
he said to his friend "you'll get it eventually... that's clever"

he agreed to pose up with robocat

then i took one of her by herself

but i saved the best for last
what ?

so there you have it. 
my talented former assistant.

let's just call her my friend.
the artist.

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