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Friday, 9 May 2014

the world cup

as you would expect. with the world cup coming up soon, a heap of 
companies are bringing out world cup tat.

as ever, bape have raised the bar.
they have some very nice pieces dropping soon.

chances are they'll last longer than roy hodgson's boys, but who knows ?

there are lots of polos and tees, all utilising the bape head logo and
the colours and flags of various countries.

alas i couldn't see any welsh pieces and i consider that to be a big mistake from bape.

anyway... here's what i fancy.

a camo football.

what's not to like ?

obviously you know i'm deeply welsh
but in the world cup i'll be keeping an eye on england.
how about this polo top ?
imagine it on a hot june evening, drenched in beer, bbq sauce and
the bitter tears of disappointment.

football eh ?

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