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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

catching up

before i start posting proper pics, let's have a bit of an iphone catch-up

some rum 'n' raisin flavour kitkats i scoffed with a coffee last week.
limited edition japanese kitkats of course.

heading out to a shoot in wc2
representing n7 of course.

a new collectible figure / piece of tat 
arrived at whitfield towers the other week.
the figure and the box were both signed by the artist.
( michael lau )

big news in n7 was that whitfield towers was to be painted.

rather than just paint around it ( as i would have done )
the painter insisted on taking this cheap framed print off my wall.

and i insisted he take my photo posing in front of it.

all my tat had to be covered

my 1000% kaws bearbricks

gorillas in the mist ?

we were without use of the kitchen one evening, so we headed out 
to our local tapas joint.
i haven't been there in years.
i like that they give you a minty chocolate and a shot of antifreeze
with the jack and jill.

next day it was time to put back my stuff.

and to take a few photos.

more tomorrow...

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