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Saturday, 10 May 2014

a few square iphone pics and world lupus day

a few square iphone pics for you today
a strong double espresso on a shoot last week.

looking down on my camera and atmos af-1's

camo socks, camo skate chucks, camotuesday.

a flat white at no.26
genius !

looking up after parking my car in wc2 the other day

some lad taking camotuesday a step too far

the maitre d at holborn dining rooms with his i.d's
very nice.

sausage and egg toasted sandwich and a coffee
my snack of choice recently.

noting the labels on my long sleeve tee

a coffee in a pub 

magic darts !

having a coffee and a chat with a spanish girl "chio"
who wants to assist me.

i liked her lace game.

one last thing.
today is world lupus day.

lupus uk are raising money for lupus awareness by selling these wristbands

here's finalhome reaching into his bag for some money to pay for his new collar
good lad finalhome... 
good lad.

1 comment:

  1. ay caramba, i'm feeling a bit wired just looking at that double espresso shot..

    can i ask what that attachment on the top of your Leica is for?

    cheers, don