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Wednesday, 7 May 2014


yesterday i had a shoot at a restaurant.

etc, etc,

for anybody interested in the details,
i'm wearing a white n7 t-shirt underneath a charcoal cashmere marc jacobs top.
selvedge denim jeans by edwin for margaret howell
and camo skate chucks by converse.

it was a great location. so nice that i did another photo of my favourite subject 
looking back i prefer the first location but this was my final frame of
the shoot, or rather a shot of the interior without me standing there
looking miserable was my last frame.

it was such a good shot though that i got this gentleman to stand in position.
he was dressed a little more sharply than i was.
his name is jon and he's something of a legend in the business.
a nicer chap you could never hope to meet.

i emailed him a copy of this pic today and a little while later he asked if he could tweet it

if twitter is your thing then i'd say follow jon.

but then again, who wants to be follower number 666 ?

and today's music of shame from my playlist

oh... hold tight.

for some reason my youtube isn't working.
or rather i can't get to the share and embed buttons.
anybody know what's going on ?

hmmm... well unless i can get to the bottom of it there'll be no music here today.

( shame - ed )

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