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Sunday, 4 May 2014

iphone sunday

so here's the thing. yesterday's post was rushed.
it wasn't my proudest moment.

for today let me at least give you a good few pics to look at and 
hopefully a few entertaining words to accompany them.

let's start off with some iphone pics from gay paris.

this was on the balcony of my hotel room.
the one where i could see the blackpool tower from.
as you can see, i was representing n7.

this was some wallpaper in paul and joe.
it looks just like a pattern from a distance but up close you
could see it was photos of girls modelling clothes all kaleidoscoped up.

this was another example of the wallpaper.
a little easier to see the girls with this one.

interesting idea though,  right ?

this restaurant was magic darts. really excellent food.
in fact this restaurant supplied the room service to my hotel
( it was two doors away )

it had strange art on the walls though.

particularly the piece in the centre here.

this was an iphone pic taken through the window and zoomed in, so the quality isn't great.
but you get the idea.

miserable northerner in the louvre
photo by mrs.w.

this gig poster was in cafe kitsune.
sounds like some great artists and an amazing night, but i'm not sure about 
my sister-in-law being on the list

somebody named stella leaving her mark on this building work

it reminded me of a former assistant of mine.

what was her name now ?

my final two iphone pics from gay paris

well, what do you think the next pic will be ?

that's right.

more nonsense tomorrow.

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