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Sunday, 16 February 2014

the rest of my thailand pics

i have so much catching up to do with this blog.

i realised the other day that there are loads of pics from tokyo i haven't 
showed you yet and that was in november.

i was also given a really amazing cd package before christmas that i need to mention
and a few birthday presents that i need to show you too.

so, over the next couple of weeks i'll try to have a catch-up and get bang up to date.

let's start by showing the rest of my snapshots from thailand in january.
well... these are my proper snapshots, i still have iphone pics to show you too.


one day at around sunset the sky and beach and everything turned pink.

i'd say it was not only beautiful, but peaceful too
until some joker started going up and down the beach on the world's noisiest motorbike.

some stuff for sale on the streets of bangkok
yes i did

siam square area in bangkok
that camo tent though...

you know i love flags

basically all the streets around siam square were closed to cars
and hundreds of stalls popped up selling stuff
although there were reports saying it could be dangerous for people to visit...
well, i live in n7 so i figured it would be ok

i really wanted to buy a t-shirt

i wasn't the only one
because they were quality tees and only £3 a pop

they even had t-shirts for kiddies

and lots of badges, bracelets and what-not
i like the badges with the king on them

but mainly i liked the tees
that celebrated my birthday.

did i mention that my birthday was january 13th ?

these were a bit different

these were more like it
with my birthday ( january 13th ) printed loud and proud

these t-shirts were skill
nice and simple for the kids

with more complicated efforts for the adults
yes, it was all about my birthday ( january 13th ) in bangkok

what the what ?!
some bloke wearing a tee that showed the year but not the important date.

another stall. seriously there were hundreds, all selling variations on the same thing.

more thailand stuff
i picked up a few bracelets for the people at my local thai restaurant in n7 by the way.

no idea what this lad was making
but it was genius. the fruit itself or some bottles of it's juice.

anyway, that's it from my thailand pics, apart from iphone nonsense.

maybe tomorrow i'll rewind to november and show you some tokyo pics.

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