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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

queens x n7 t-shirts

a while ago i made a small batch of n7 t-shirts that were a
twin borough collab with queens in new york.

i went to the factory to take some photos of them being printed.

i think i paid for two hours on the parking bay but after 15 minutes
i was back in my car.

i never knew printing t-shirts was such a quick business.

anyway, here are a few pics i took.

the factory floor, with my designs on the table.

it's the queens logo from the new york subway system
with the logos for the n and the 7 lines
they were to be printed onto black tees

here's the bloke placing the blank tees onto the thing that spins around
and chucks ink onto them.

these photos may be a little out of order
but as far as i remember ( it was october by the way )
each t-shirt was coated with white paint first

oi oi !

so at this time, loads of tees are spinning past me quickly getting printed with white ink

then they go under a drier thing

then they are printed with yellow ink
i guess through a screen that blocks out the non-yellow bits

then it's time for purple

around this point i spotted some of the ink used

took this photo and the bloke said "that's it... they're all done"

and all that was left was for me to grab a few photos of them being fed
into the final drier

don't they look good ?

i had three sweatshirts made up too... just to be sure

then some lady put them all in a box
and wrote my name on it
i'd be lying if i said she spelled my name correctly
but it was no big deal.

i'd also be lying if i said i had any t-shirts left.
my plan was to advertise them here on my blog and to sell them to 
whoever reads my daily nonsense.

but it didn't work out like that. i blame instagram.

tell you what though. next time i make some tees you'll be the first
to hear.

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