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Monday, 3 February 2014

rushed post

as usual i'm in a bit of a rush.

so the best thing i can offer today is to show a preview of posts to come.

in a couple of days i'll be showing you some photos of one of my favourite things...
photographing wedding photographers.

this one was in phuket old town

and this one was on the beach near cape panwa
you can see the photographer in this photo, right ?

ok, can you even see the wedding ?

later in the week i'll tell you the exciting story of my new blanket
an n7 blanket for n7.
what's not to like ?

talking about n7 ( which i often do )
i'll take you on a photo tour showing how phase two of my n7 t-shirts
turned out.

i may even show you a photo of me wearing one

but for now i must pack my bag and head up north.

until tomorrow then.

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