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Friday, 29 March 2013

iphone friday

iphone friday follows on from where i left off last week

i think this was waiting for the train to jingumae after i'd dumped
my bags at the hotel.

the map at jingu station showing a few local stores...
final home ?

skill !
my first flat white at omotesando koffee.
it is my favourite coffee shop in... well, in the world i suppose.
i went there 4 times in three days.

my friend m1 asked me to look out for a bag for him.
this is the one i recommended.

it was at the porter store.
grrr ! i was so tempted to buy it for myself.
but i resisted.

i took a trip to the aape shop and was very impressed.
you know how much i love orange right ?
but i don't think i could pull off a bright orange jacket so i took this
photo for a fried of mine.

sweet deets... camo lining.
it may well have been a reversible jacket for all i know.
they did do a lot of reversible stuff at aape.

the velcro attachable aape logo in leather was a nice touch.
( regret )

trademark move when checking into a hotel when i'm feeling sleepy and half-awake /
jet-lagged... i always photograph my room number.

last shot of friday night.
a street full of amazing little bars.
this was in shinjuku.

mmmm... that orange sign.

more to come.

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