snapshots and observations

Monday, 18 March 2013

business cards

i had some new business cards made recently

do you want to see them ?

this is a general card but i will give it to people to show i shoot interiors

this is also to show interiors

this one to show i shoot food

and sometimes i shoot food that i actually eat.

i thought that this was very me.
everybody knows i drink a lot of coffee
and it's a pleasant enough image.

this i also chose just because it's a photo i like.
i guess it could also be used to show i shoot interiors.

i got them all done as postcard sizes, plus three of them i had done
as regular business card sizes.

er... that's about it really.


  1. hi. i don't know if you remember me but you asked me if you could take photos of my converse shoes the other day? :)
    you gave me your card so i visited the website, and just wanted to say they are such lovely photographs. I have an SLR and used to be an art student in London but actually have no idea how to use it.. :(
    anyways sorry about the surprise, and enjoy Japan!

    1. hello there,

      of course i remember you, and thanks for letting me photograph your converse. it must have seemed like a strange request.

      do you live in tokyo or were you just visiting ?

      i was just there for the weekend.

      thanks for checking out my website, and for the kind comments.