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Friday, 1 March 2013

not another birthday present

probably a few months ago now, a package turned up at whitfield towers
i was very tempted to lie that it was another birthday present but honestly
it turned up months ago but for some reason i never got around to telling 
you about it until now.

the package was just over 12 inches square.
can you guess what it contained ?

only three of the finest albums ever made !
three albums that everybody in their right mind should own.
( are you sure about that ? - ed )

smurfing sing song.
this is proper old school hip-hop.

denny mclain at the organ.
spitting out rhymes

masters of the universe
the drum 'n' bass classic

big, big thanks to chris in toronto for these.

i will get all three framed and hang them in my office in the next couple of weeks.

you'll see.

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