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Friday, 22 March 2013

iphone friday

today's iphone friday is a small selection of iphone shots i took from 
last thursday when i flew to tokyo.

dressed and ready for the long journey.
i decided to treat tokyo to a look at my bespoke harris tweed nike af-1's.
the orange dots on the ice outsoles are one of my signature moves.

bags packed. most of this is camera equipment.
i was only going to be in tokyo for two and a half days.

i had a corking seat on the flight out to narita.
world traveller premium or whatever it's called,
plus i had a window / exit seat.
bonus !

outstanding legroom. even at full stretch i couldn't touch the wall.
( not that i'd put my feet on the wall anyway... on account of me having manners )

if anybody ever asks me what my favourite type of food is,
i usually reply "airplane food"
note i'm double parking with the red wine... just to be sure.

after watching a couple of films ( cloud atlas and ted )
and getting a bit of kip, it was time for breakfast.
naturally i ignored the mushrooms and tomato but i waded into the omelette,
bacon and sausage. oh i left that muffin thing too.

at one point, i guess when we were near mount fuji, the pilot announced
"for those seated on the right hand side, if you look out of your window
you can see mount fuji"
so i did.

standard procedure while waiting for my luggage at an airport.

while waiting for the narita express to shinjuku i noted a vending
machine behind me on the platform.
onion potage in a tin...
strange behaviour from the man from del monte.

i didn't drink any coffee on the plane.
i was saving myself for a visit to omotesando koffee.
but as soon as i sat down on the narita express i felt dog tired.
so my first purchase in japan was a cup of coffee on the train.

which cheered me up no end.

more japanese iphone adventures next friday.

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