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Friday, 8 March 2013

iphone friday

as promised.
a load of photos taken with my iphone over the past couple of weeks.

a friend of mine has the most amazing collection of trainers.
these are stüssy x converse pro leathers. 
they only released at stüssy in new york
and are probably the only pair in the uk.
was i jealous ? you know what... i'm more jealous of their rarity if that makes sense ?
i would have liked a pair myself, but probably because they were rare and
not because i actually like the look of them.

flat white with the spoon of disappointment.
i think the spoon was once a proud stirring tool but somebody either stole
the fancy piece off the end or else it fell off.
sad times in spoon world anyway.

some trainers i gave away to the bloke who cuts my hair.
he likes adidas and he takes care of my barnet.
that's about all i have to say on the matter.
well, there's a joke, but i can't be bothered.

for some reason i had to smarten my act up a bit last week.
i think i wore shoes three days on the bounce.
proper round the houses too.

this was a tricky shoot.
not because of the shoes i was wearing.

nobody offered me a coffee on this shoot, but the place was open for business
so i ordered one up for myself. it's a strong latte.
the coffee was good but i don't like having coffee in a glass.
do you ?

this was the next day on another shoot.
the manager and the p.r. straighten the chairs while i took care of the coffee.
this is exactly the way i like things to be.

hmmm... not a lot of room for cameras in the boot of my motor.
more trainers than camera kit.

i like that japanese people use green brown paper for wrapping things.

two flat whites in takeaway cups for a meeting with my mate danny.
danny is a cab driver. 
if they ever make a british version of entourage but based on me
( i know it's a long shot but hey )
danny would be in my entourage for sure...

 of course i'd have to get him a different car to drive.

a really useless breakfast at the millennium cafe n7
where to begin with this one ?
the sausage ? that egg ? too many beans ? grizzly bacon and the fact that i made
the schoolboy error of forgetting to order some black pudding.

probably the best eggs in the world.

in this box is a pair of nike air force 1's
probably the rarest pair i've ever seen.
sadly i was like the go-between with them.
i ordered them from japan for a friend of mine in new york.
the same day they arrived in n7 i re-posted them to nyc.
i felt a bit like the stamp collector in the film 'charade'
right ?

back to trainers.
nike air force ones are my thing.
these are my kicking around the place pair.
black leather with purple stitching and swarovski crystals.

what ?

oh dear / joder
my new business cards turned up at whitfield towers.
all printed much, much darker then the proofs.

this is standard behaviour when i go to my local thai for a take-away.
a sneaky bottle of singha while i'm waiting.
boom !

black digi camo lunar forces... and a double espresso.

oh my word.
this needs a proper blog post.

i found a place in n7 that does a proper flat white.
it opened just four days ago, a proper coffee joint just around the corner
from whitfield towers. 
genius !

it's pretty much going to be my new office

even the sign is made out of wood.
capital letters but apart from that it's all good.

my car has been as filthy as a frenchman for ages now.
i swear the last time it was cleaned was in 2011.
then yesterday i got it all washed and polished.
i'd forgotten it was red.

yesterday i had a lingerie shoot. the outside of the shop is purple.
the business cards, the bags... purple is their colour.
so i wore these bad boys.

i should have taken more time and framed this properly and maybe moved the 
stuff off the shelf at the bottom.

anyway, you get the idea.

sadly i was more excited at seeing this than the lingerie.
an orange dustbin... excellent !

ok, that's more than enough for iphone friday.

see you tomorrow for black and white saturday.

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