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Saturday, 9 March 2013

black and white saturday

ok, let's try and get some order to this thing.
iphone friday and black and white saturday from now on.

naturally enough i have given very little thought to this first
black and white saturday, but today i'll venture out with my gx1
and try to shoot some nonsense especially for next week's post.

in the meantime...

er... a glass of water at whitfield towers.
i took this a few weeks ago one evening when i was playing with my battery
light just before my evening meal.
to be honest it looked pretty much the same in colour.

some rare air force 1's that i bought from japan for a mate of mine in new york.
they were all white so you're not missing much.
all three pics of these were taken with my iphone by the way.

if you're into af-1's you'll know these are rare.
even more rare than...
( finish that sentence with your own arsenal joke )

the only af-1's to feature the sole pattern on the uppers.
if these were my size i'd probably have hi-jacked them.
but if you've seen the film 'charade'...

a black and white still from a nike ad that aired in china this week.
the ad was ok but this small sequence was excellent.

to be honest this looked better in colour.
me settling in at my new office in n7.
gangster seat, right in the far corner. 

behind the scenes at a lingerie shoot i did a couple of days ago.

more from this shoot to come next week...
in glorious colour.

that's all for now.

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