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Sunday, 3 March 2013


a late look at google's little tribute to st.david's day

i forgot to do the iphone friday thing so here are a couple of shots
to make up for it. i'll try and do a decent iphone collection next friday.

a badly framed shot of me about to leave the towers for w12 
last saturday

last sunday in my local thai take-away

while i'm tidying up my blog folder, here's another self-portrait
from a shoot i did a couple of weeks ago.
no angels in this shot.
they were busy working at the time.

do you know what this is ?
it's a tiny little thing, about the size and shape of the old matchbook things.

but inside this when you open up the flap, no matches
no, it's a tiny notebook.

oh and here's a bottle of fruit juice i bought in beijing last year
it's a great bottle isn't it ?
the juice was foul though.
a bit like drinking your own sick... but with sugar in it.

what ?

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