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Thursday, 21 March 2013

first few pics

i've been a bit too busy to properly look at my tokyo pics yet
but i just edited the first 6 frames i took over there to make a quick post.

here we go.

apart from a few iphone snaps on the narita express, this was the first photo
i took in tokyo. it was in the lobby of my hotel.
as you know, i like wood and i thought the pale flowers looked good against the dark
wooden wall.

more wood. this is the floor at my favourite coffee shop in tokyo... omotesando koffee. 
as you can see, i brought some problems to tokyo with me.

i wasn't the only one bringing heat to omotesando hills.
htm flyknit chukkas.
like tea, the htm flyknit chukkas are not my cup of tea, but i still
appreciate the effort.

the chukka wearer was well blessed with accessories.
that's a ( multee ) project caribiner and a human made key-ring.
good effort.

nice titfer and shirt too. ursus x bape.

and now the reveal... yes, it's him.

iphone friday tomorrow.
brace yourselves.

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