snapshots and observations

Thursday, 15 November 2012

autumn ( not fall )

how come in the usa they say fall instead of autumn ?

is it because that's when leaves fall ?

if it is, then how come they don't call winter "ice"
or spring "grow" or...

( alright we get it - ed )

anyway, i kind of like autumn ( not fall )
it's not as cold and horrible as winter can be sometimes
or as hot and claggy like summer can be ( sometimes )

plus, you get some really nice light and the leaves, wow ! 
i swear i've never noticed before what beautiful colours the leaves can 
be at this time of year.

here are a few shots i took in regents park last friday.
i have nothing to say about them to be honest, i just thought
they looked really nice.

the end


  1. I think 1, 6 & 7 would make great 'N7' stickers..

  2. Ah, but Regents Park probably isn't in N7 is it? Oops..

  3. thanks don. they are my favourites too. maybe i will get them printed in my next batch.

    no, it's not n7... the leaves are much nicer in n7.