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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

arsenal fans singing

here's a little video i shot after the arsenal v spurs game on saturday.

after the final whistle the arsenal players reacted like they'd won a trophy
rather than winning a match against 10 men, and went on a bit of a lap of honour.

as they came to our end to milk the applause, the fans 
serenaded them with a few songs.

i'm not keen on them singing 'giroud' to the tune of 'hey jude'

i'm even less keen on anybody singing anything to theo walcott
other than abuse for him being so useless.

but i do like the song the fans sing to per mertesacker, the lumbering
german centre-half. it's so bad it's good.

anyway, please excuse the shaky camerawork and enjoy the beautiful voices.

let's see how the fans react to theo after the end of january eh ?

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