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Friday, 23 November 2012

tidying up the blog folder

it's time to show a few photos that are kicking around in my blog folder
that i didn't manage to use in previous posts.

this is a rejected frame. one i didn't send to the client.
i think it worked better as a full length portrait to be honest.

britt, victoria and sellers, holidaying in capri back in the day.
this photo was in a shop window in capri.
a lot of shops there display old photos of movie stars, royalty and other
celebrities, all walking around capri ( usually in the fifties and sixties )

an alternative shot of a sign i posted a month or so ago, on a subway train in new york.

a while ago i had a job photographing uniforms.
i had to crop the shots at the neck and just above the ankle.
this was a test shot i did, with the boss standing in for the model.

a screengrab from a film i was going to tell you about.
li-lo is in it.

a book i noted in a clothes shop in new york.
it was in a glass cabinet so i couldn't try on the 3-d glasses and check it out.

one of the rejected shots of my harris tweed converse in the n7 autumn.

maharam af-1's a couple of weeks later

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