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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

weekend in lisbon ( iphone pics )

last friday i travelled to lisbon for the weekend.

here are a few iphone pics and a few words of wisdom
( leave it )
to accompany them.

no idea why i took this photo. 
it's just my key wallet resting on my carry-on luggage.

why is it that whenever i'm at an airport, i eat like it's my last meal on earth ?
although i wasn't that hungry and they had porridge on the menu,
i decided to opt for the biggest breakfast on offer.

i travelled on tap airlines. i can honestly say it is one of the best airlines
i've ever flown with.
one thing lets it down badly though... the coffee.

this was on the safety card in the seat pocket in front of me.
in the event of a crash landing this little lad in the yellow vest will
start dancing like a champion.

this was part of a world map in the maritime museum in lisbon.

australians are funny aren't they ?
have you ever met one in the uk who says "tell you what, it's much
better here than in australia"

what ?

this looks like when i was canoeing in the lake district a few months ago...
but it was a photo in a museum

this was a flaming chorizo.
it was magic darts.

my two favourite people in the world.

in a restaurant in lisbon where the waiter was so miserable,
he made me look like a happy-go-lucky boy about town.
i told him i wanted a ricki lake and he pointed at the menu that the speciality
was seafood stew. so i told him i wanted steak. he then pointed at the seafood stew
being eaten at the table behind me. i told him i wanted a steak and he moped off.

in fairness the joe blake was really nice and the seafood stew looked despicable.

did i mention that it rained all weekend ?
this was on the walk back to my hotel from the seafood stew restaurant of happiness.

lisbon is kind of famous for it's nice toast.
this was the remains of my breakfast.
i know... i'll never get curly hair right ?

this was an antique cabinet in a museum.
are they owls ?

they sure look like cartoony owls to me.

the last thing i did in lisbon before heading to the airport was have a chicken pie
in a jazz cafe.

which reminds me... i have a cd to recommend to you.

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