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Friday, 23 November 2012

missed self-portrait opportunities

pretty much every shoot i do, i always try to knock out a self-portrait.

but this week... this week i had a nightmare.
rushed shoots, shoots with tight deadlines and shoots where i was watched
like a hawk by a pr girl or a restaurant manager.

here are a few images from shoots this week where ordinarily i'd have been
standing in the frame looking miserable.

in a shock move i think i'd have sat down in this shot. 
on one of the brown seats against the wall/

in this shot, ideally i'd have stood on one of the steps.
in all probability i'd have stood like a boss.

yep. standing in the gap down the middle would have been ideal.
but when i took this shot, like the first two, i was being watched.

i guess i'd have stood pretty much in the centre of this shot.
grrr ! it would have looked really moody.
however about 5 people were hassling me when i took this shot.

maybe sitting on a bar stool would have been a good choice here ?
but i was watching the clock and racing against opening time so i stayed
behind the lens.

normal service will be resumed next week.

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