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Friday, 16 November 2012

people watching in bath

people watching is one of my favourite pastimes.
ideally i'd do it from the comfort of a coffee shop.

but in bath, a great place for people watching
( and even better... watching people take photos )
is royal crescent.

it's a must see place on the list of japanese tourists, and for me
japanese tourists means one thing... photography.

lots of japanese people either taking photos or posing here.
sadly, not one of them is making a peace sign with their fingers.

look at these two checking the photos they took.
i like that he's using a tripod.

looks like he wasn't happy with his shots so she has to go back and pose again.
oh... look at the two girls in the background...

there they are... using classic 'phone at arm's length' tactics.
standardly they have a union jack phone cover.

it's the beauty ( or the beast ) of digital photography.
people checking their photos straight away.

i hope those two are checking their photos on the back of their camera
and not just having the front to stand there taking photos of me.

that would be rude, just taking photos of somebody you don't know.

what ?

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